Access the secondary ticket market with TicketResell

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  • 01/07/2015
Allow customers to resell, donate or transfer tickets with TicketResell.

Venues might not realize it, but they are missing out on connecting with a whole group of interested patrons. These customers are elusive because they are purchasing their event tickets through a second party. When this happens, customers no longer have the chance to sign up for venue newsletters and promotions. Marketing is not the only area the secondary ticket market effects, either.

Avoid unhappy customers
The secondary market effects sales in all ticketing enterprises, including theater, sports and other group events. For franchised events, secondary resellers account for 25 to 50 percent of total seat inventory sold, according to Ticketing Today. Depending on how popular the event, those secondary tickets can be resold at an inflated price, causing customers to feel cheated and venues to lose the opportunity to generate new revenue.

Reduce ticket fraud
Using TicketResell is a way to prevent disappointed patrons and counterfeit tickets. The SeatAdvisor resale option generates a unique barcode whenever tickets are transferred or resold to minimize the opportunity to create fake tickets. You may not think this is something you need to worry about, but according to The Telegraph, the City of London Police recorded 533 reports of ticket fraud in June.

Improve event pricing
When venues know how much all their tickets are selling for, they can use that knowledge when pricing future events. With TicketResell, venues can monitor ticketing trends and then adjust prices for other events to maximize revenue.

Don't let tickets go to waste because patrons don't know what to do with them. By giving customers this secondary ticket market, users can easily resell their tickets if they can no longer use them, and what's more is if users want, they can even donate their tickets back to the organization they purchased from. Either way, the tickets get used and venues reap the rewards. 

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