Just as SeatAdvisor strives to maintain clear channels of communication with all of our clients, it’s fair to assume your organization also highly values the relationships you’ve established with your patrons and supporters. As a result, SABO was engineered to equip administrators and operators with abundant CRM features, helping you to deliver unparalleled customer service to each patron, ensuring repeat business. No matter how large your database, SABO prepares your staff to treat each and every patron just as special as the next!

Patron Attributes

SABO offers you the ability to assign an unlimited number of attributes to any patron profile. These attributes help segment your database, by identifying the preferences and buying habits of your patrons. Attributes can be as simple as one word descriptions like “Musicals” or “Football,” or even short phrases such as “Seasonal Resident Only” or “Board Member.” For many nonprofits, attributes are crucial in with regard to assigning donor levels. The sky is the limit with attributes, and the choice is up to you on how you utilize them.

  • Attributes can be applied manually or automatically based on purchases to specific events.
  • Patrons can have an unlimited number of attributes added to their profile.
  • Attributes can always be edited and/or applied retroactively.


It’s very common, especially in today’s economy, to encourage customers to participate in a survey. Just about every receipt you have in your wallet asks for your feedback. Surveys are an excellent way to make patrons feel their opinions matters, and the data collected can only make your programming stronger.  Our integration with Vertical Response features the ability to easily survey your patrons via email.

  • Easily author unique questions and/or rating scales to collect data.
  • Determine which mailing lists patrons would like to be a part of in mere seconds.
  •  Gauge the success of your organization’s overall programming.

Social Media

Stay connected with your patrons

SABO helps your patrons stay connected with your organization by providing multiple links to AddThis and Facebook. Your patrons can comment on your events and/or wall, and perhaps they’ll opt to “like” your business page. This easy method of connecting helps you to deliver messages and promotions to those who want them most-your fans.

  • Uncover additional data on patrons.
  •  Marketing to the friends and family of patrons is made easy by encouraging sharing.
  •  Link an events page to your organization’s Facebook page and encouraging additional sales.



The numbers never lie. With numerous reporting options, SABO assists with reporting analysis by providing clients with easy to interpret bar graphs, diagrams, and other forms of data representation.  Interpreting you patrons’ buying trends and understanding which campaigns have resonated most with your audience, our real time reporting is capable of telling you exactly how your events are selling, where the sales are coming from, and who have been making the purchases. And although illustration may be rather helpful for your marketing teams, all reports can be easily exported in a format that is easy for you manipulate for other purposes.

  • All reports allow organizations to declare specific parameters.
  • Data is easily exported for additional manipulation by your team as needed.
  • No limit on attribute searches across your entire patron database.
  • Automated report scheduling and distribution helps appease all departmental needs.



“After working with Vendini for a year, we felt that returning to SABO was in our company’s best interest in view of SABO’s ease of use for our patrons and front gate ticket sellers as well as the of back office reporting for our staff on a daily basis.”
- Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire