Email campaign best practices

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  • 03/07/2015
Make sure your venue is utilizing email campaigns to connect with customers.

With the prevalence of social media and phone apps taking over customer attention, email is a form of marketing that can often become neglected. Don't let your venue's email campaign fall to the wayside, though. Email marketing is a great way to reach customers and keep them up to date on new events and promotions.

Like all marketing, however, producing successful campaigns can be a difficult task with this medium, but if you follow certain email rules, you can increase your likelihood of reaching the audience.

First and foremost, do not send customers emails if they did not explicitly give you permission to send them content. You've probably had your own experience where you suddenly started receiving emails from a company. It's not only annoying, but ineffective. According to Forbes, the best option for adding people to your email list is the confirmed opt-in, which essentially means when a user signs up for an email list, they receive a notification explaining what they are agreeing to, and then it also asks them to confirm their subscription once again.  

Email segmentation
Once you get your customers to confirm their desire to be added to the email list, it's useful to determine which area of your campaign they will fit into. Dividing your customers into sections is beneficial because you can then provide those specific groups with news and information relevant to them. For instance, you can divide your audience by interest level, geography or age. You may not believe email segmentation has much effect on your marketing campaign, but 39 percent of businesses that divided their lists had an increase in open email open rates, according to Small Business Trends.

Don't bombard your client's inbox with an inordinate amount of emails. All this does is irritate your customer and look like spam, leading to people unsubscribing. Create a schedule for your content and stick to it. Only diverge from your plan if something special pops up or if your customers should be informed immediately about an important piece of news.

Offer deals
Make your customers feel special by offering them exclusive deals and promotions. Rewarding them for their commitment to your venue and interest in event news will keep your customers engaged and excited about upcoming events. This is also a fantastic way to build customer loyalty. Your email campaigns have a solid purpose and customers recognize that by remaining involved in the email community and staying informed about upcoming events they may wish to attend.  

Remembering these suggestions when planning your own email campaign can help you stay connected to your customers and make an impact in your marketing endeavors. Although email campaigns are beneficial to customers and venues, you may be having a hard time making the time to put such a campaign together. SeatAdvisor can make your job easier in this regard by providing your venue with the email marketing services it needs. Monitor your venue's click-through and open rates to see what your customers are interested in hearing more about. You can also create surveys and electronic postcards with this service to engage your customers further, among other services.

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