For many nonprofits, it’s estimated that less than 60% of their annual budgets is from ticket income. The balance needed to maintain operations must stem from relentless perseverance in strategic fundraising, as private donors and employer matched contributions play significant roles in a nonprofit’s longevity. Whether you operate year round as a nonprofit organization, or you simply need to organize a one-off fundraising event, SABO will assist you through every step of the fundraising process.

Website Donations

Keeping it simple for your supporters to make donations is one of the things we do best! And the prime opportunity to solicit donations from patrons is when they are already online making a purchase, with their credit cards handy. Whether donors opt to give a suggested amount to qualify for a particular donor status or another amount of their own accord, SABO is prepared to help your fundraising team in every way possible.

  • Accept donations during an online sale or via a dedicated link on your homepage.
  • All solicitation and acknowledgement language can be customized by the organization.
  • Receipts are automatically generated and delivered via email within seconds of the transaction.
  • SABO’s PATRON TICKET MANAGEMENT helps patrons donate the face value of tickets they are unable to use, by easily logging into their online account with your organization.

Donor Analysis

SABO’s intuitive calculations assist your organization with the automated assignment of attributes as they relate to the amount of a donation. This makes donor segmenting easy and accurate. When someone donates to your organization, it is a very rewarding experience. Even better is a gift that keeps on giving. For this reason SABO provides clients with all the donor data necessary to not only thank the individual but also to ask them for subsequent donations down the line.

  • Schedule automated daily, weekly or hourly donation report delivery to your development teams.
  • Retain patron fees within your event, but move face value amount to donation income upon your patron’s utilization of SABO’s TicketDonate feature.
  • Uncover lapses in giving to better steer your campaign toward specific donors.


Each venue treats memberships differently and tailored to its specific needs.  SABO couldn’t understand this more, which is why our Support Technicians are adept at helping clients design price structures and ticketing fees in a manner that works for you and your patrons. Selling tax-deductible memberships through SABO is a terrific way to reward your members with special seating, presale offers, and other forms of promotion, and it sets the stage for subsequent donation solicitations throughout each season.

  • Begin each season with an accurate projection of potential ticket revenue.
  • Maintain strategic fundraising tactics to complement your producing efforts.
  • Create “Member Only” fundraising events, auctions, and galas.




“Bringing the ticketing system in house has allowed us to save money, make more money, and it was the best decision I ever made.”
- King Center for the Performing Arts



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