Key Features

SeatAdvisor understands your reputation is significant. Cloud based, SABO enhances your brand by streamlining the direct relationship between your patrons and your business. Whether your venue tickets in person, over the phone, online or via mobile devices, the system ensures your operators provide exceptional customer service at each point of contact. And because SABO provides venues total control over any and all operating parameters, patron ticketing fees are optional and can be determined as they relate to a given sales channel.

Box Office Ticketing

No Hardware to install

The box office is typically your patrons’ first stop when visiting your venue. Fortunately, SABO was engineered with your operators in mind.

  • No hardware to install, allowing room to maintain a neat and organized working environment.
  • Regular and Express sales functionality keep lines at the window to a minimum.
  • Interactive SeatMaps and Seat/View Photos help operators inform patrons of all seating options.

Online Ticketing

These days, many patrons believe going online is the only way to purchase event tickets. SABO’s intuitive and easy to use interface keeps online sales a breeze. An abundance of customization options are available to help organizations control what content is available to patrons online and just how the sales process should flow. Anticipating a heavy on-sale with hundreds or maybe event thousands of patrons searching your inventory? Don’t worry, because SABO has you covered!

  • Inventory can be searched in real time via interactive SeatMaps or the ‘Best Available’ option 24/7.
  • Requiring Patron account logins is optional and controlled by the venue.
  • Social media plug-ins help patrons notify friends about their purchases.
  • Delivery methods are controlled by the venue and include Print-At-Home tickets.

Mobile Interface

Smartphones Account for 70% of the US Market

With every new generation of consumers, new trends in commerce manifest. Staying competitive in the market is crucial, and SABO’s mobile ready interface ensures your organization is on the cutting edge of technology, capable of capturing every sale possible.

  • SABO detects when it is accessed by a mobile device and delivers the proper purchasing experience based on the user’s device.
  • Utilizing the Best Available search functionality, SABO securely tickets patrons in mere seconds.
  • Patrons who create a shortcut on their devices can stay informed of your events and on-sales with the tap of a button.


Because Patrons Appreciate Special Treatment

Patrons love special treatment. When announcing the on-sale of a new production, event or season, many organizations have found great success in launching an email and/or print campaign to targeted patrons offering the privilege of accessing tickets before the general public.

  • Available inventory during presale is determined by the venue.
  • Presale periods can range from hours to weeks.
  • Patrons can access presale inventory by logging into an online account or with use of a promo code.


No Plugins to Install. It's Pure HTML!

SeatAdvisor maintains a distinct competitive advantage over any competitor with our proprietary technology, which quickly creates elegant and interactive SeatMaps, each containing hundreds or thousands of mouse sensitive seats individually linked to a database record. These maps are easily visible from any operating system or browser.

  • SABO SeatMaps can be built for any type of venue including theatres, stadiums, or even public parks- even those with tiered seating.
  • Color coding clearly illustrates which seats are available for purchase.
  • Patrons can select specific seats to an event or utilize a “Best Available” search option before adding to their cart.

Seat & View Photos

Leave Little to the Imagination

SeatAdvisor understands the consumer, and for this reason the company was found on the principle that patrons should be able to purchase the exact tickets they desire or the seats that suit them best. There are a variety of ways SABO helps patrons make informed decisions about the tickets they purchase, because the more consumers know what to expect from the a purchase, the more likely they are to buy.

  • View Photos provide an accurate depiction of the view and sightlines one can expect from the available seat.
  • Seat Photos provide a sneak peak at the actual seats themselves appeasing those interested in gauging comfort at your venue.
  • SeatAdvisor’s Creative Team advises clients on best practices for shooting and submitting the right “shots” for upload to your organization’s interface.

360° Pano

Enter a Venue without leaving the house!

Unparalleled by any other in-house ticketing system, SABO affords patrons the ability to click on an available seat and be transported to a full 360° view of the venue from their seat locations.

  • Apps can be downloaded to assist with securing the images for upload to SABO at little to no expense.
  • SeatAdvisor’s partnership with 360iTours, provides clients with access to local photographers who will travel to venues to shoot photos. Benefits of this option include:
  • Create QR codes from links to incorporate into marketing materials
  • Works on almost all mobile devices and desktop computers
  • Clients are provided Links to panoramic images, and they are uploaded onto the free 360iTours App.
  • Panoramic images in the app provide additional exposure for the venue.


Sell more than just one ticket

Why stop at one ticket, when you can sell dozens to the very same patron online, over the phone, or in person? SABO’s robust engineering facilitates subscription sales, perfect for sporting and theatrical “seasons.”

  • Each organization determines how to bundle events and create packages.
  • Subscribers/Members can purchase multiple event tickets all at once or one by one throughout each season.
  • Intuitive reporting helps target new subscribers by recognizing buying trends and preferences.
  • Automatic renewals save on time.

Group Sales & Reservations

Keep bulk sales organized and flexible

Sometimes the largest sales begin with a simple reservation. SABO helps operators cater to requests from groups or single ticket buyers by placing holds on sections or a select group of seats. SeatAdvisor’s flexible accounting plans prevent clients from ever paying for any unused reservations.

  • Reservation reports detail outstanding orders.
  • Reservation parameters are determined by the organization.
  • Excess reservations can quickly be deactivated and returned to inventory with a click of the mouse.
  • Automatic Invoicing helps organizers and patrons gradually make payments online. 

quotes “After working with Vendini for a year, we felt that returning to SABO was in our company’s best interest in view of SABO’s ease of use for our patrons and front gate ticket sellers as well as the of back office reporting for our staff on a daily basis.”
- Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire