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THE MAXWELL C. KING CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS opened its doors in 1988. Since that time, it has had a profound impact on the cultural and artistic landscape of Brevard County and Central Florida.

About The Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts

The Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts is a publicly owned performing arts venue in Melbourne, FL which seats 2,016 patrons. The venue opens its doors to well over 100,000 patrons each year and conducts both rental events and events produced by the King Center.

The King Center evaluated many alternatives to their existing ticketing system, which had been in place in the venue for 23 years before finally deciding on the SABO system as the system of choice for their venue. The SABO system has allowed the King Center to take control of their ticketing operations, and the pricing and marketing of their product. The primary drivers for looking to bring ticketing operations in house were several fold. The King Center was looking primarily to increase the quality of the patron experience when ordering tickets, increasing the patron satisfaction levels. Secondly, the King Center was looking to reduce the tremendous cost of doing business with their existing ticketing vendor, Ticketmaster, which they believed was suppressing ticket sales, and deterring patrons from purchasing online, in turn increasing the costs of operating the box office. Lastly, the venue desired the tools to control their marketing database, to have the opportunity to segment and target market to their own customers in order to drive incremental traffic to their concerts.

kingcenter graph The SABO system allowed this venue to achieve all three objectives, and the results have dramatically improved the bottom line of the venue. Since implementing the SABO Ticketing Management system in June of 2010, the King Center has seen overall ticket sales increase 15% as customers flocked to the new website to choose their own seats to shows directly from SABO’s interactive seat maps. In addition to this overall spike in ticket sales, Internet purchases have increased from 25% of ticket sales to 50% of ticket sales. This has had the effect of reducing the box office operating costs by well over $15,000.

Perhaps most dramatically are the benefits of maintaining control over the fee structure charged to their patrons. By taking full control over the pricing of the product, fee income to the King Center has increased well over 300%, resulting in increased revenues of over $600,000 in just the first 12 months of operations under the new ticketing system.


Location: Melbourne, FL USA
Category: Performing Arts

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Video Testimonial:
See a video of Steve Janicki, Executive Director for the King Center at our web site, speaking in depth about SABO.



“Bringing the ticketing system in the house has allowed us to save money, make more money and it was the best decision I ever made.”
- Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts