Promote your event in a digital age

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  • 26/06/2015
Generate excitement with digital marketing.

Event marketing is an essential component to driving ticket sales, but marketing strategies are always changing. Right now, having a digital presence is key to boosting ticket revenue. There are several methods any venue can utilize to improve its online following: 

Stand out
Give your venue a unique hashtag and encourage customers to tweet images of themselves at your events or predictions of what they think will happen. Find ways for customers to get involved in the events to boost excitement and anticipation. Be sure to add your own voice to the conversation by tweeting show updates and sharing relevant news.

Create a short video
Show what all the hype is about by generating a video that shows people what they'll be missing if they don't attend. You can use this video across several platforms, from social media to the event landing page. If you have enough content for it, try making a fun video series. You could do a series to introduce speakers or performers at your event, or something which shows people performing an action related to your show.

Create a competition where people can win a free ticket or two. People love an opportunity for free tickets, and this is an easy way to quickly get people following your event. Be sure to keep the requirements and guidelines really easy so that more people will be inclined to participate. If the directions are too long or complicated people won't be willing to give it their attention.

Speaking of attention, people do not dedicate much time to posts or websites anymore, so provide content that your audience can engage with quickly; this goes for videos, tweet and posts.

Trying to interact through each of these outlets and manage ticket sales is a difficult aspect of online marketing. Using online ticketing software can make the process a lot easier, though. Seat Advisor Box Office software, for instance, will actually take care of some of the marketing for you with features like email campaigns, social media integration, and coupons and promo codes.

This software is not only helpful for sporting events and shows, but also for fundraising events.
SABO allows your supporters to purchase their tickets online, and also provides an opportunity for people to donate to the organization during the transaction. This process makes donating easier for your contributors because they already have their credit cards out so adding a few extra dollars to the tab won't seem like that much.

The many faces of event marketing can be hard to keep track of, but technology can help.

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