Introducing TicketResell By SeatAdvisor

TicketResell by SeatAdvisor helps you work with patrons who want to Resell their tickets to your events, instead of working against them in the ticket marketplace. A new simple process equips your patrons with the ability to set a desired price for their tickets and resell through your organization’s box office as primary inventory. These tickets become available to new patrons looking for tickets online, over the phone, or in person. A pioneer in the ticketing industry, SABO is proudly the very first ticketing solution to offer this functionality!

  • Feature activation is optional and can be turned on or off down to the performance level.
  • Your organization sets pricing restrictions and deductible commissions.
  • Patrons login to online accounts with your organization, select tickets to resell and price, then add to your primary inventory.
  • New patrons searching for tickets will have access to all available inventory including Regular & Resell Tickets.
  • New reports and management screens help keep accounting easy and efficient.

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New Spin on Technology Creates Additional Revenue for Venues and Helps Patrons Resell Event Tickets at a Premium

SAN DIEGO, CA (Apr 18, 2013)—Today SeatAdvisor, Inc. unveiled the newest feature to join their already powerful box office software, SABO (SeatAdvisor Box Office). TicketResell by SeatAdvisor is the company’s response and much anticipated solution to recent trends in the secondary ticket market, wherein venues and promoters have historically had to compete against ticket holders for sales to their own events. The feature was designed to enable organizations to work with their patrons, instead of against them, by giving them the ability to resell their tickets through the venue’s primary inventory. Patrons can now login to their online account, select the tickets they wish to sell, price them, and their tickets are instantly added to the organization’s inventory and accessible to new patrons searching for tickets online, over the phone or in person. The feature is automated to assist sellers in promoting their listings through social media outlets such as facebook and twitter, creating additional exposure for the venue as well. SABO supports the feature with the addition of several new reports and management screens to keep accounting simple.

VP of Engineering for SeatAdvisor, Chris Snyder, stated, “During my time with SeatAdvisor it has become clear how hard our clients work to produce and maintain quality events. At the end of the day, the reality is that many fans are willing to pay a premium for specific seats or tickets to sold-out events. Engineering a feature that helps our clients retain the revenue they deserve while also staying competitive in 2013 is highly rewarding for all of us.”

Dozens of SABO venues including theatres and nightclubs have already expressed interest in activating TicketResell with the intention of accommodating new patrons and capturing sales that might otherwise be lost to scalpers or resellers. Boasting an impressive roster of North American horse racing venues and organizations including Churchill Downs, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Arlington Park and Breeders’ Cup to name a few, SeatAdvisor anticipates activating TicketResell in the immediate future for many of these clients in particular, in an effort to assist with approaching spring and summer on-sales, traditionally the busiest seasons of the year for the horse racing industry with regard to ticket sales.

The first organization to utilize TicketResell by SeatAdvisor is Breeders’ Cup, a client of SeatAdvisor since 2008. The organization is on track to deliver the feature to patrons as early as May 6th when the box office opens for presales. Breeders Cup Director of Ticketing & Horsemen’s Relations, Brandy Stoeckinger, explained, “We are eager to integrate the new functionality into our box office operations this season because it grants us the opportunity to help the many patrons who might have waited too long to purchase tickets to our events only to discover we are sold out. With so many other patrons unsure of what to do with tickets they cannot use, TicketResell by SeatAdvisor will help us reach new audiences and racing enthusiasts by eliminating the need to turn patrons away from our windows at any point during the season.”

Already an industry pioneer, in 1999 SeatAdvisor offered venues the first box office software to deliver interactive SeatMaps. Utilizing proprietary Technology, SABO enables patrons to select their own seats to events based on photos displaying photos of the actual seats and views from the seats. Interactive seat maps have become an industry standard in the years since. CEO, Brent Miller, explained, “SeatAdvisor was founded on the belief that patrons should be able to purchase the exact seats they prefer to an event, so it was natural for us to invest in the development of a feature that would enable our clients’ patrons to access every ticket available in the market for an event, especially those in the secondary. TicketResell allows our clients to maintain a centralized inventory of all available tickets, benefit from additional ticket revenue while reaching new audiences, and it helps reduce counterfeiting. We look forward to seeing how the feature might affect the industry at large in the years to come. ”


Easy for the Organization and the Patron
Clients do not have to enable TicketResell if they elect not to. It is a feature within SABO, but controlled by the organization. It can be turned on or off for various events down to the performance level. Each organization can determine pricing maximums and minimums for Resell tickets sellers must adhere to. Patrons simply login to their accounts to submit tickets for resell and their tickets can instantly be added to the organizations’ general inventory and accessible to other patrons searching for tickets online, over the phone or in person. Patrons now becomes “sellers,” and they are provided the ability to announce their listing through various social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter. SABO provides specific Reports and Management screen for the TicketResell feature, so accounting is kept easy and efficient.



TicketResell is not just for popular events! The feature was designed to also help patrons purchase specific seats they might prefer over others available at regular price. Patrons are usually willing to pay a premium for specific seat locations, including front rows of sections, aisle seating, or seating within close proximity of family and friends who purchased tickets at an earlier date. TicketResell also helps organizations collect valuable contact information from patrons looking for bargains and deals, as studies have shown that many times sellers are willing to sell tickets below face value when they cannot use the tickets and can’t afford to just give them away. Additionally, if an organization offers subscriptions or memberships, TicketResell helps venues provide exceptional customer service to these patrons by assisting them with the selling of their tickets to events they are unable to attend. Many time these patrons have access to the best seats, so instead of leaving empty seats organizations can now reach new audiences with the feature. Whatever the case is that patrons choose to purchase from the secondary market, the feature helps organizations commissions historically lost to third party resellers.


The organization can and should determine a suitable commission to collect from the buyers in TicketResell transactions. SeatAdvisor will collect a 15% commission on these transactions directly from the seller. During the posting process the seller will clearly be advised what pay-out to expect after any commissions are deducted from the sale. All payments for resale tickets are collected by the organization from the new buyer(s) and remitted to the seller from the organization. (We recommend payments to the seller are not made until after the event, and they can be paid in a variety of ways including PayPal, Gift Certificate, Cash or Check, whichever is most convenient for the organization.)


SeatAdvisor has prepared some notices and “How To” marketing materials for organizations to have and share with patrons interested in selling their tickets. Providing step by step instructions along with some images, sellers will have no problem logging into their online accounts with the organization and listing tickets for resale. New buyers will always have access to all regular price tickets and resale tickets when searching for tickets via any of SABO’s integrated sales sources, whether it be online, in person or over the phone.


Even though the feature can be controlled at the event and performance levels, we understand some organizations may decide the feature is not a fit. Fortunately TicketResell can be turned off just as easily as it is to turn on. There’s no time commitment required!

Get Started!

If you are interested in activating TicketResell for your organization, simply reach out to your Account Manager, Steve Garcia via or (877) 732-8627 x95. Be sure to include any questions you might have. You will then be provided with an amendment to your existing agreement with SeatAdvisor for you to review, sign and return to us. Upon our receipt of the ratified amendment, your organizations’ complimentary training session will be scheduled.

Still not sure if the feature is right for your organization and/or venue? Login to SABO’s Knowledge Base to watch the TicketResell by SeatAdvisor Webinar, presented by Steve Garcia and Rory O’Donnell, SeatAdvisor’s Technical Support Manager.