Choosing the right ticketing system for your organization can be a very time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming process. Your patrons are very important to you, and so is operating your box office both efficiently and affordably. Since our clients have never been shy about telling our staff just how fond they are of SeatAdvisor Box Office (SABO), we decided to evaluate more specifically just how SABO has positively impacted these thousands of venues and businesses world-wide. Below is what we came to understand.


SABO is:



SABO offers so much more than ticket selling. At lightning speed, our solution helps organizations with marketing, fundraising and Customer Relationship Management. And because SABO is cloud based, we can regularly deliver to you our most recent software updates without any work required on your end, ensuring you are always operating as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll never be plagued with whether or not your system is “up to date” again!


We’re accustomed to servicing organizations both large and small. We understand that your ticket volume is linked directly to your operating budget. With SABO, you can pay for what you use. From per-ticket fee structures to 1-3 year licenses, our sales representatives can devise your pricing with respect to how many tickets you sell each year. And because you will control and all ticketing fees passed associated with your patrons’ orders, it’s easy to both save your patrons money and cover your own operating costs at the very same time.


You only need an internet connection to access SABO. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is available just about anywhere, which means you can build and manage your events from anywhere you like. Gone are the days of staying late at the office to run reporting or create promotions. SABO works around your schedule and your needs by remaining available to you for login at any time of the day.


There’s no point in offering clients a powerful system that is complicated to navigate. This is why SABO was designed with the users in mind. Our interface is kept tidy and logical at all times, simplifying your process by integrating iconic imagery and familiar vocabulary. Operating SABO is fun and easy as a breeze, but should you ever find yourself stumped our unsure, our online knowledge base ensures all the answers you need are right at your fingertips.


SeatAdvisor is renowned for unparalleled technical support and customer service. When you need us, we are there for you. Should you ever have a problem while operating SABO, you’ll have the ability to reach out to us in a variety of ways. Simply open a support case through the interface, send us an email, or give us a call (whichever your prefer). Members of our staff are available to you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Even on Holidays, you can expect prompt service to keep you running smoothly and securely.


SABO is strong enough to serve racetracks with thousands of seats and gentle enough to assist theatres with just dozens. Choose General Admission seating, Reserved, or both! There is no limit to the number of seat maps or venues attached to your account. And because our clients need to be prepared for anything that comes their way, you can access the version of SABO that suits you best with every new event you build.


SABO is private labeled, which means it integrates seamlessly into your existing website. Our Online Sales Theme Editor helps you choose colors and a layout that matches your company’s brand. You won’t need to send patrons to any other website than your very own. And should you need help designing your website, our experienced graphic design team offers additional services to guide you through every step of the way. In addition to controlling the look and feel of SABO, you also customize your patron fees, event listings, package information and more!


No other ticketing system features MapCrawler which automatically generates seat location graphics and allows the user to see seat views of the stage from any seat as well as availability in real time. SeatAdvisor technology enables the ticket buyer or seller to directly reserve, buy or sell tickets by selecting individual seats from the SeatMaps. This feature prevents any headaches for your staff on the night of the event, because patrons know in advance exactly what to expect from your venue.


(Your boss will LOVE you for this one!) Many clients have found the real-estate on our Print-at-Home tickets very valuable to local restaurants, shops, and other types of businesses looking to market their business. Feel free to place a price-tag on it! In a struggling economy, SABO helps you augment your revenue by allowing you to control the images on your tickets, which in turn helps get coupons and other advertisements out to the very same patrons that will be visiting your neighborhood on the night of the event. Now your patrons will have ideas for what to do before and after your event, and your neighboring businesses will benefit from your producing efforts.


SeatAdvisor takes great pride in taking the time to listen to your comments and suggestions. We always welcome feedback and enhancement requests from our clients. It’s how we’ve come to create a solid solution capable of serving the needs of so many. We believegoodcan be great, andgreatcan be evengreater! Our engineers are always constructing new and improved functionality based on innovations in technology in conjunction with the input of our users. Choosing SABO commits you to a dependable relationship during which you will always be heard, valued, and respected.